Welcome to the studio Walloya Morring — dolls and art —

We make 3D printed BJD dolls. Our product line has tarsiers, kittens, fox cubs, fennec fox cubs, headheels and dogs (they are will be added on the website soon).

The main feature of our studio is full customization of dolls (such like tarsiers, kittens and headheels). You can change heads of dolls easily and without re-assemble thanks to our magnetic system. It extends options of using the dolls and makes you feel happier because your doll can be awake, sleep, smile, wink and so on.

Try some magic with winged kittens, feel color of mint fennec fox cubs, smell flowers with lunar fox cubs and discover the world with amazing headheels. Everything is possible with our BJDs.

You can use the Pre-order form for place an order on this website (it better looks when you use devices with width of screen 1050 pixels or more). Or you can place an order or buy available dolls on the Etsy shop. Some of them are below. Also we recommend to read feedbacks from our customers on etsy.com.

We offer several useful offers for making purchases. We accept a layaway for pre-order dolls and also for available dolls. Just contact us. Learn more on the page «Information».

If you want to learn our news, follow us on Facebook (group, page). We use this social media like a news platform and for communicating with you.