How to use Pre-order form


How to Order


You do: We do:
Step 1 Fill in and submit the form. We automatically send to you email confirming the order. Then, we manually check the order and send to your email address the PayPal invoice for the advance payment of 50% of order value excluding shipping cost.
Step 2. Make the first payment. Once we have received your funds, we start working on the order. Usually it takes 1,5-2 monts. When the order is ready, we will send to your email the PayPal invoice for the remainder of the payment and cost of delivery
Step 3. Make the second payment. We will send your order within 1-2 working days after receipt of your payment.


How to fill out a form pre-order from



The pre-order form consists of 3 units — information about the customer, the order and the payment.


In the «Customer information» all fields are mandatory.

Fields «Name» and «Last Name» are filled using only Latin letters.

«Email» field is filled in with your e-mail address.

«Phone» field should be completed only digits without spaces or special characters

«Address» field is filled with Latin characters or Cyrillic. You can use numbers and special characters.


Block «Order» has left drop-down lists with the available options for the order and the field for comments on the left. At the top on the right there is a small field for short hints on the properties of the order, as well as a field for displaying graphic clues on the properties of the order.


Field «Model», «Body», «Color», «Head» and «Eyes» are mandatory and must contain any chosen value other than the default value of «select …».


In the «Payment» you can tick the box to display the input fields on the discount code if you have one.

Below is the full cost of your order and the amount of the first advance payment upon request. Prices do not include shipping costs.


On pressing the «Submit» button you will receive an order confirmation to your e-mail. It contains your information, selected options and the total cost of the order, excluding shipping costs.



We send «Full», «RTA» and «Parts» sets.

«Full» — you get a completely assembled doll in this package. The doll is cleaned, painted, the paint is fixed , the eyes are made, the magnetic system is installed and the doll is assembled.

«RTA» (Ready-to-assemble) is a set that includes processed and painted parts, «a kit for assembly » and ready eyes. The customer assembles the doll himself.

«Parts» — this package includes post-processed parts, a «kit for assembly» and ready eyes. Customers do the painting themselves and assemble dolls himself.

«Kit for assembly» includes hooks for limbs (4 pcs + 2 replacement hooks), a string (an elastic cord), magnets for the Magnetic system, a wire for pulling the string.

«RTA» and «Parts» sets are recommended for experienced BJD dolls owners, able to perform all the necessary work on their own.


Extra eyes are the eyes which can be ordered separately from the head.

Additional eyes are the eyes which can be ordered for an additional head.