Bonus points and discounts


Noomises are our bonus points. 1 noomis = $1 USD

How to get.

You can get noomis when you make the order on any our places: on the website, on Etsy shop, on our social pages, at exhibitions and other.

You get 1 noomis for each $20 USD you paid for your order if you make a regular order and 1 noomis for each $40 USD when you make the order with any discount (discount, free shipping, a second head as a gift, etc.). Also you will be able to get noomis when you win in our activities on social pages.

Noomises can be counted to your account only if you are an owner of our BJD pets.

How to use.

You can use noomises for your next order and you can pay them up to 50% of the order cost. You can use them:

  • when you pay immediately (for example – write us before you order. Note a number of noomises in your message. And we will create a special item for your order or will generate a discount coupon.
  • When you pay after our check (for example our website) – you also write us about how much noomises you plan to use or you write it in comment to the order.

It isn’t allowed to use noomises for buying/ordering magnetic dolls.

The shelf life of noomises are limitless.

You can’t give noomis to another person.

We will inform you detailed information about your noomises each time when they are changed.