#22 Unique BJD Kitten 5 cm tall, grey tabby, 3 heads in the set


BJD Kitten – unique winged four-eared ball-jointed doll
Size is 5 cm tall
3 changeable heads in the set
Available for adoption. Shipping within 1-3 working days.

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BJD kitten (ball-jointed doll) is a unique winged four-eared kitten, it’s one of 3 kittens with such ears. He has custom coloration – tabby grey, 3 changeable heads in the set. The doll is 5 cm tall.

The paint job by Olesya Gavrilenko

The kitty comes with 3 changeable heads in the set


What in the box?

The winged kitten with 3 heads, a certificate of authenticity


The main properties:

Type of doll: BJD Kitten (winged)
Number of heads: 3 heads (Standard, Sleeping, Yawning)
Color: tabby grey
Size: 5 cm tall
Material: polyamide (strong and durable plastic)


Ready to be sent within 1-3 business days.


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