Tips for care

  1.  The doll can be washed. If the doll is dirty, it can be cleaned in warm water with a toothbrush (soft or medium hardness) and dish detergent. Then let it dry naturally for 8-12 hours. Remove eyes from before washing. Water entering an eye can lead to smearing the print of the eye!

    Carefully clean airbrushing and hand painted areas. It is possible to lose contrast and saturation of color in these areas. You can always ask us about the details of your doll (where we use airbrushing and hand painting).

  2. Don’t keep dolls especially white in light place. Polyamide turns yellowish over time in the sun.
  3. Take care of small children. The doll has a lot of small details, which can be swallowed by a child if the string (elastic thread) gets broken.
  4. Do not leave the doll outside for a long time, as the polyamide will absorb moisture and gradually lose its original properties. Moisture affects the material only after prolonged exposure. A short stay in water does not harm the polyamide.
  5. Over time the tension of the string is weakened because of its stretching and wear, and in this case it is necessary to re-assemble the doll.

We are working on the assembly instructions but if you have any questions about the assembling the doll feel free ask us about it. We will be happy to help you.