New options for Tarsiers

New colors, horns, ears, muzzles and shapes of eyes have been added for Tarsiers. There is a catalogue of all available colors of the doll. You can find information about updates on page “3D BJD Tarsier”, and below there is a short description of all the innovations.

The Catalogue is clickable, if you click on a picture, it will appear full size (2190Ă—1944). We have also written about recommended gradient colors under the title “All gradient’s colors”.

Options of the muzzle. There are some options among the new features that have an additional cost.

Options of the eyes. When we note that the eyes are “open-half”, it means the left eye will be open and the right eye will be half-closed. If you would like the other sequence for the eyes, please write about it in the comment to your order.