BJD Granny Mouse and Granny Human

BJD (ball-jointed dolls) Grannies is a special project by Svetlana Germanova. She makes a great sculpt for the grannies following by interest of making fantastic characters that are kind, intersting and unusual.

BJD Granny dolls

There are 3 characters in this set. They are Ayra, Nora and Mira.
Ayra – that name means a spikelet. I think she is the most mouse-like of the granny mice)) She seems a little harsh, cold and strict. But in fact she is kind and fair. She likes to store everything for the good, but at the same time she is practical.
Nora has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to laugh and have fun. She’s always fun and has a lot to talk about.
Mira seems a little bit sad, but she isn’t)) She is calm and wise. Mira likes to take her time and enjoy every moment. She loves to read books over a cup of coffee, spend time outside in Nature and dream while looking at rain


The dolls are available in 2 versions:
1) 25 cm 3d printed version;

2) 30 cm casted in polyurethane version (we’ll add pics with all dimensions as soon as possible)

We also plan to make a 40 cm casted version in future.

Grannies are available in 2 types – Mouse and Human.
Human type looks like an usual human unlike Mouse one has its own features: a mouse tail, foot and heads have long ears.


For the 30 cm casted in polyurethane version

The doll’s prices

Prices and exact options of dolls will be indicated in the pre orders (when they are run), and approximate information is provided below.

25 cm 3d printed version

  • Human Granny – 630 EUR (~$670 USD)
  • Mouse Granny – 650 EUR (~$690 USD)
  • Extra faceplate + 40 EUR (~$40)
  • Extra feet + 20 EUR (~$20)

30 cm casted version

  • Human Granny – 650 EUR (~$690 USD)
  • Mouse Granny – 685 EUR (~$730 USD)
  • Extra faceplate + 65 EUR (~$70)
  • Extra feet + 30 EUR (~$30)

The waiting list

If you like to know when the pre-order opens or there will be available slots or dolls, fulfil this application for the waiting list and you’ll be one of the first ones whom we’ll let know about that.

We take mini preorders on 3d printed versions as soon as possible. We'll get in touch with you about the casted Grannies when we start a new pre-order or there will be available slots for them.
You can choose as many heads as you wish.
Please let us know where on social pages we can find you. Sometimes our emails get to the SPAM and we can't reach the people from the waiting list, so it'd be the easiest way to be in touch.

You also can find more pics of the dolls on Svetlana Germanova instagram and our main Instagram account