Headheel and a mobile version of the pre-order form. News list #1.

We have added a page with information about Headheel, added the doll in the pre-order form and made a mobile version of the pre-order form. Learn more…

1. We added a page with information about Headheels. Headheels are children of tarsiers in the story of Walloya Morring, that is why all the options to select are the same as for tarsiers. And please note, the heads Headheels are closer in size to the tarsiers of size 5.5 cm. We tried to focus on the head and give the doll a great charisma.

2. Headheel is available in the pre-order form. Now you can through the pre-order form to make an order on your unique Headheel. To do this you need to select in the “Model” option “Headheel”. Dolls are only available in the package of “Full”. We give a small gift for the first persona who made the order for Headheel.

3. You will see a stripped-down form of their pre-order form if you go to the page of the pre-order form from a mobile device with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels in width. The picture on the right side is now not available, which makes the pre-order form more attractive to work with it. Text and graphical tips do not work and you must learn and remember advance all options of the doll what you want or use devices with higher resolution.


If you find some errors or something doesn’t work correct, let us know please.