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Welcome ot the world of BJD dolls and articulated toys!
You can find available dolls in Store section, learn more about dolls we make in Our Creation section.
All info about our products are going to be updated soon.


BJD Granny Mouse

They are our new dolls. The first casted examples are recieved, everything is Okay and we’re going to open pre-order during the month. Check out more info on this page and apply for the waiting list to be informed first when the pre-order is open.

BJD pets

The ball-jointed pets are realistic collectible dolls with lots of joints, assembled with elastic that makes them keep and stand lots of poses. That’s great for taking pics, playing and using them as a sitter for sketches and drawings. We have a lot of BJD pets. They have different sizes, changeable heads on magnets.
Currently we don’t take orders on them but you can have a look at available ones or apply for the waiting list (via messenger or contact form and later this option will be added to the description page of each pet doll).

MJD pets

The magnet-jointed dolls have less articulation points than ball-jointed dolls and the parts of these dolls are attached with small but strong magnets. All MJD pets are made in the same size, it’s about 4 cm from the ground to the top of the head, they are great fit to Obitsu, tiny BJD and all dolls up to 30 cm tall. The design is cartoonish. They also have changeable heads.

Flexi pets

Flexible articulated pets are toys that are available as STL files to download and supposed to be printed at home with your 3d printer. And also we have some authorized sellers you can order printed toys from them.

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