3D printed BJD Kitten

There are black and white-ginger BJD kittens

Black Vampire kitten BJD

BJD kittens

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In the story of Walloya Morring kittens are ordinary animals, though sometimes you can see a winged kitten and even the real vampire kitten.

The main advantages of doll.

Good mobility in spite of quite chubby dimensions, a carrot tail. Different breeds of cats are obtained through a variety of muzzles. The material is polyamide .

Size. The doll has sizes of 4.5 cm; 5.5 cm; 6.5 cm; and 7.5 cm from the floor to the tips of the ears standing on the feet.

available size

Body. Thanks to the three-part body, and despite the “fatness”, a kitten can take many different poses and wag its butt happily. The body can have wings.

Color. We have 2 kind of colors, they are main color and gradient (or additive) color. The main is solid color, we paint all the white parts with it. The gradient is colored on paws and tails. Also there is airbrushing on inner of the ears and around a mouth. The main colors are white (it’s default color of polyamide), ginger, black, beige, gray, brown, green or lunar. And gradient colors are black, brown, dark blue, purple or ginger. There are some examples of colors of kittens in the picture. Click on the image for opening it in full size.

There are some examples of colors of BJD kittens.

We usually airbrush inner of the ears in pink or in gray color. Please, inform us in the comment to the order if you want other color.

Head. The heads are equipped with our magnetic system . At an early age kittens usually have the same bodies and differ only in muzzles or wool, therefore you choose the breed of your kitten when you choose the head. There are available 4 usual heads and 3 distinctive heads in the pre-order form. The usual heads are Realistic, Caracal, Persian and Angry. The distinctive heads are “Teeth”, “Grin” and “Yawn”. They are non-changeable and they are available for kittens of 6,5 cm and 7,5 cm only. And the heads have an additional costs.

We've created new heads for BJD cats.

Attention! If you order the “Parts” packages, the cost of the distinctive heads will be recalculated in the smaller side when we check the order. The pre-order form isn’t able to calculate it.

There are options for ears and a mouth for the Realistic head only.

The bjd kitten's ears There is a mouth and his options for the doll of cat

Please note, the “With tongue” option has an additional cost.

BJD cats have 5 shapes of the eyes

Note to the shape of the eyes. “Open” and “Closed” options are available for Realistic, Caracal and Persian heads. The “Half-closed” option is available for Angry head only. “Narrowed” and “Furios” options are available for Realistic head only.

If you want some another combination, contact us about it, please. We will think if we are able to make the combination you want.

Eyes. The eyes are removable. Available to order are green, dark blue, blue, orange, yellow and purple. The shape of the pupil can be thin, oval and round. Extra eyes for the dolls of 4.5 cm size are unavailable because of the small size and the complexity of inserting.

BJD foxes' eyes and the shape of the pupils

Tail. The kitten has the Short tail (looks like a carrot and it consists of 7 parts), the Long tail (looks like a tube and it consists of 10 parts), the Fox tail (it looks like a ruffled tail and it consists of 12 parts) and the Manx tail (just a small piece of fluff). The Long and the Fox tails have an additional cost.

BJD kittens have some options of the tail like short, long, fox and Manx tails.

Wings. We have winged kittens! There is a wide selection of wings. The wings are attached with a string.

These wings are available for all our bjd dolls

At the moment we don’t take orders on Tarsiers but probably some of them are available in our store.

If you have special requests about the tarsiers, send them to us using feedback form.