3D printed BJD Tarsier

Our first 3D printed bjd Tarsier

3D printed bjd Tarsiers

BJD Tarsiers

In the history of Walloya Morring tarsiers have a special role. They are normal inhabitants of the island, nobody pays attention to them and very few people realize that someone is watching them through the tarsiers’ eyes …

The main advantages of the doll

picture of the tarsier

The main features of tarsiers are big eyes, a long tail, fingers like drumsticks – thin and long, but quite strong thanks to the material polyamide , from which the doll is made.

Mold. There are three molds of Tarsier: Tarsier, Tarsier Devil and Tarsier Devil wingless.

Mold “Tarsier” is a realistic tarsier.

Mold “Tarseir Devil” is a tarsier who has horns, wings and a tip of the tail.

Mold “Tarsier Devil wingless” is Tarsier Devil who has no wings.

Size. The doll is available in sizes 4.5 cm and 5.5 cm in height from the floor to the tips of the ears in a sitting position.

available size are 4,5 cm and 5,5 cm

Body. Tarsier has a whole body and articulated limbs, a tail and a moving head. Mobile wings can be attached to the body.

Color. Explore our selection of basic colors for the doll. Clicking on an image, you will open it in full size.
There are some colors of ball jointed doll of Tarsius in this picture.

In the catalogue a specific colour and a degree of the gradient for a specific mold are just examples, it does not mean that only this option is available for order!

There are beige, black, brown, crimson, emerald, ginger, gray, light-lemon, lilac, pink, turquoise colors.

Gradient. The gradient is the second color. It is painted on paws, wings and tails.

In the cataloque of colors we indicated what colors of the gradient will suit each main color.

Important: The gradient must be darker than the main color!

You can see examples of all gradients in the picture.

There are examples of gradient colors for jointed tarsier.

Head. The heads are equipped with our magnetic system . Tarsiers have the widest selection of horns, shapes of the mouth, eyes and ears of all our dolls. You can combine all options to your taste. To access the options “Horns”, you need to choose the head “Demonic”. Below are all options available for order.

Please note, horns “Ram” have an extra cost due to additional material consumption.

The horns of bjd Tarsier.

Please note, ears “Rabbit” have an extra cost due to additional material consumption.

Ears for ball jointed tarsius.

Options of the mouth for Headheels and Tarsiers

How to calculate the cost of the head. The cost of the head without eyes + the cost of extra eyes. Heads with closed eye sockets are a bit more expensive than heads with open eye sockets, because of the larger consumption of material, but they do not require extra eyes. You can see the costs of heads and extra eyes in our price list.

There are shapes of eyes of Tarsius

Eyes. The eyes are made removable, so that they can be easily changed.

variations of the eye color and eye pupil

Tail. It is quite long, has 23 items (24 with the tip). This allows it to twist well. If there is a tip, the end of the tail has a spherical protrusion for fixing the tip.

Fingers. The fingers are thin, long and quite strong. They will not break unless you break them on purpose.

Wings. There are feathered and membranous wings. Feathered wings are “Angelic” and “Raven”. Membranous wings are “Demonic”, “Membranous”, “Bat”.

These wings are available for all our bjd dolls

At the moment we don’t take orders on Tarsiers but probably some of them are available in our store.

If you have special requests about the tarsiers, send them to us using the feedback form.