3D printed BJD Adult Fox

BJD adult red fox is sleeping on the hand An adult fox is a 3D printed ball jointed doll

BJD Adult foxes

In the history of Walloya Morring (WM) inseparable aide of hunters are domesticated foxes. You know about usual Red and Silver foxes, but there are Lunar ones in the world of WM. It’s relatively a rare fox. These purple foxes avoid meeting people and they live quite differently than other foxes. People says that there were a few cases when somebody could tame the Lunar fox.

The main advantages of doll.

• the doll consists of many joints that give the body greater flexibility.
• well designed hinges allow well fix posture.
• long and slender legs give the fox the elegance and enhance the functionality of the doll.
• the doll has 2 types of the head: realistic and cartoon.
• a long, graceful and magnificent tail is a true symbol of the doll.

Size. Available range of sizes is from 5.5 cm to 7.5 cm at the withers. There is a size table below. There is height at the withers (h1), height from the ground to the top of the head (h2), the scale of the doll (where 1 is 35 cm at the withers) and the likely sizes of dolls which matches up with the BJD fox.

Sizes of the BJD fox

Size (height, cm)
At the withers (h1) The top of the head (h2) Scale (1=35 cm at the withers) likely size of the doll*
5,5 7  1/6 till 25
6,5 8,4  1/5 25-40
7,5 9,7  1/5 30-45

* Keep in mind the likely size of dolls is only our opinion and it does not claim true and irrefutable truth.

Body. The body consists of 5 items, which allows it to arch the back, to fold (almost) a ball and turn to the side. The winged foxes are not provided yet.

Color. There are 3 available colors. They are red, silver and lunar.

There are 3 colors of BJD adult fox

Head. It is offered 2 types of the head for the adult fox: realistic and cartoon. The cartoon head has a more elongated muzzle, a turn-up nose and more pronounced personality. There are 6 options of the ears, 4 options of the mouth and 3 options of the eyes. These options are available for both heads.

The types of the adult fox doll head.

Ears of the fox doll There are open and closed mouths and mouths with cheeks in this photo. There are 3 options for the BJD adult fox

Eyes. The eyes are removable. And the eyes are adjusted to the standard size. That means you can put the eyes of another producer if you like.

BJD foxes' eyes and the shape of the pupils

Tail. The tail is the most conspicuous part of the doll. It consists of 15 parts that provide flexibility and shape, which creates an impression of fluffy and elegance.

At the moment we don’t take orders on Adult foxes and other BJD pets. Check out our store for available ones.

If you have something special wishes for the adult fox ask us about them. If it’s possible for us we will do it.