3D printed BJD Skeleton

BJD skeletons. A family portrait.

There are beige, Octopus and white skeletons in this picture

BJD Skeletons

The main advantages of doll.

  1. It’s very flexible and it keeps poses very well
  2. A movable lower jaw
  3. Low price
  4. A new magnetic system for changing heads
  5. The doll makes an impression
  6. Removable glass eyes of other manufacturer
  7. It goes well with our BJD pets
  8. There will be more accessories (such as wigs, dresses, shoes and so on) in the nearest future

The doll’s design. The design is based on references of the children skeleton. We just wanted to make an articulated skeleton. At the end we’ve got enough interesting result.
The doll consists of 16 parts, assembled to elastic thread (spandex). The design provides for an isolated assembly of body parts on the elastic thread so it is 5 elements – 4 limbs and a body. It allows to assemble only individual elements, not entire doll as a whole. Another is to pay attention to magnetic system. It’s a new system. Its design allowed to achieve a larger amount of movement of the skeleton’s head, for example, now the head can be rotated forward almost 90 degrees. Also the doll has a moveable lower jaw that allows you to give him funny expressions.

There are 2 packages. They are Non-Smooth and Smooth.
Non-Smooth – you will get a non-sanded doll.
Smooth – you will get a sanded doll.

Polyamide things have a rough surface. It is pleasant to the touch and well suited for our BJD pets and for BJD skeletons too, but if you want a smooth surface then choose Smooth package. The sanding makes the surface smooth. We sand only more or less straight parts of the doll.

Both packages means that you will get an assembled doll.

Please note  that there is no our traditional packages “Parts” and “RTA” in the pre-order form. But we can provide them on your request.

Size. Skeleton is available in 2 sizes: 12cm and 18 cm. The size is measured from the ground to the top of Skull head (the doll is in standing position).

2 sizes are available for BJD Skeleton. 12 cm and 18 cm

Body. There are 2 types of the doll’s bodies – Standard and Siamese twins. Standard body means the body of the skeleton. Twins body has 2 necks and heads, respectively. Please note that the distance between the necks in Twins body does not allow to attach Octopus heads.

Standard and Siamese twins bodies are available for skeletons.

Color. 2 colors are available for articulated Skeleton. They are white and beige. If you would like the doll in other colors, please contact us to discuss this opportunity or leave your request in the comment to the order.

White color is an origin color of material, polyamide. The other colors have an additional cost because it takes more works and recourses to do it.

There are white and beige colors for BJD skeleton

Heads. The heads are removable and have a new magnetic system, which increased the angle of head movement. At the moment there are 2 types of heads: Skull and Octopus. Skull is an ordinary skull. It is available for all bodies, all sizes and processed accordingly to the chosen package.
Octopus is a skull with octopus tentacles on the top of the skull. This head is available only for the standard body size 12 cm. Skull’s options have several features:

  • If you choose White color for the doll, you will be able to choose any color from the available for the tentacles; if you choose your doll in Beige (or in the color on the request), you may ONLY choose 3 colors for the tentacles despite the fact that in the list of available all colors (it’s just a feature of the work the pre-order form). They are black, brown and beige.
  • In the pre-order form in the “Horn” field is available for selecting the color of the tentacles.
  • Please note that the head of the “Octopus” have the sanding of the front surface of the skull by default (if you want to leave everything as it is, please write about it in the comments).

There are 2 types of the head. They are Skull and Octopus.

Eyes. Skeleton is first our doll with the eyes not of our production. The eyes are removable and glass. Their’s manufacturer is Adelkawalka. The eyes included in the basic doll kit by default. Additional heads don’t include them but you can order them separately. The eyes aren’t made by us that is why in each order we offer to choose ones from those that we have at the order moment. Also you can order the eye from the manufacturer.
You must be carefully to insert and remove eyes, otherwise the glass capsule can come off. To remedy this situation you need just sticking it back to the base.

For example the head without eyes and with random eyes.

At the moment we don’t take orders on Tarsiers but probably some of them are available in our store.

If you have any suggestions or questions – feel free to contact us through the feedback form. We are always happy to help!