New options for BJD kittens, fox cubs and Headheels. News list #2

  1. Added some new options of heads, ears, the mouth, eyes and the tail for BJD kittens
  2. Changed the range of wings for all our dolls
  3. The tables of prices were changed, now it displays all items for which we take extra charges
  4. Added new options of the mouth to the pre-order form and on the page about the Headheel doll.
  5. Added new colors to the pre-order form and on the page about the Fox cub doll.

New options for BJD kitten.

Heads. Added for the “Realistic” head all sizes:

  • options of the ears. They are “Standard”, “Rotated”, “Rolled” and “Pressed”. These forms allow the ears to give emotional colour of each kitten’s head.The bjd kitten's ears
  • options of the mouth – closed mouth (“Closed”), mouth with a protruding tongue (“With tongue”) and the fangs of a vampire (“Vampire”). The mouth with a protruding tongue allows you slightly stick his tongue. This allows the kitten to lick himself, to lap up the milk or even lick your ball jointed doll on the cheek. This option has an additional cost.There is a mouth and his options for the doll of cat
  • The shape of the eyes – “Narrowed” and “Furious”.

A distinctive head is an unchanged head. It’s available for kitten’s size of 6.5 cm and 7.5 cm only. There are 3 of distinctive heads. They are “Teeth”, “Grin” and “Yawn”. These heads have an additional cost.

Tail. Added a “Big” tail. It consists of 10 items and has an additional cost. The cost depends on the size of the doll.


We first worked on the wings with magnets, but this method has more disadvantages than advantages, and we went back to the traditional version – mounting on the string. We have corrected versions of the wings. There are 5 of them. Wings are available in all of our BJD dolls. And over time, they will be more detailed and will be added to new versions of the wings.These wings are available for all our bjd dolls

A new table of the price.

Tables have been modified, almost all dolls have been added to the table “Additional options” with a list of options that have an extra cost. See new tables on Price list.

New options for BJD Headheel.

Now available new options of the mouth – vampire fangs (“Vampire”) and ajar jaws of a vampire (“Vampire smile”).

New options for Fox cubs.

You can choose new colors for cubsin the pre-order form now. There are “Ginger”, “Gray” and “Purple”.